Deux bêtes anti sociales : Pitbulls vs SUV

C’est pour se protéger d’un monde toujours plus menaçant qu’on les achète, mais :

  • Ils contribuent à rendre le monde encore plus menaçant
  • Ils polluent les trottoirs
  • Ils intimident le voisinage
  • Ils tuent ou défigurent des enfants au hasard

Pourtant, pour l’un d’entre eux, on tolère beaucoup plus ce comportement, l’autre étant totalement interdit dans les rues du Royaume Uni.

12 commentaires sur “Deux bêtes anti sociales : Pitbulls vs SUV

  1. Todd Edelman

    An SUV can be driven with less impact than a small car, and singling out pitbulls when it is the owner of any dog that is the problem is also really stupid. Did the automobile industry take over your website in order to spread disinformation?

  2. Tassin

    @Todd Edelman :

    « An SUV can be driven with less impact than a small car »

    Who spreads disinformation?

  3. Todd Edelman

    Ha ha, so you agree with me about the pitbull comment?

    Certainly an « SUV » has more manufacturing impact and also use impact if used for the same trips as a smaller vehicle, but by singling out SUVs – or SUV owner/users – you emphasis away from the much higher number of smaller vehicles.

    The message is thus, unclear. Are smaller vehicles (more) okay?

    Really, this is old skool anti-car campaigning and I am sure I was not the only one to notice that — combined with the dog breed discrimination it is particularly pathetic.

    Thanks for your hard work, and good luck with new initiatives!!

  4. MOA

    L’état psychologique qui amène une personne à être propriétaire d’1 pitbull et propriétaire d’1 hummer relève exactement de la même stupide arrogance ostentatoire pré-adolescente immature.

    C’est ce que vous vouliez dire todd edelman?… je ne comprends pas bien l’anglais.

  5. Tassin

    You won’t find any pro-car person here. Neither small nor big ones.

    I guess it must be difficult to understand in the USA because the country was basically built with a carcentric urbanism and it is nearly impossible to live without one.
    But here in Europe more and more people start to use alternatives and this website can sometimes be very helpful.

    Thanks for your support!


    Vous ne trouverez pas de personnes pro-voiture ici. Ni de petites ni de grosses.

    J’imagine que c’est difficile à comprendre aux États-Unis car le pays a été construit autour de la voiture et qu’il est presque impossible de vivre sans.
    Mais ici en Europe de plus en plus de gens utilisent des alternatives et ce site peut être très utile parfois.

    Merci pour vos encouragements!

  6. Tassin

    Sorry I thought you were from the USA and promoting cars… But I took a look at your website and I find it interesting actually.

    Apologies 🙂

  7. Todd Edelman

    Le désir d’avoir un chien pour combattre est mauvaise, comme vous dites. Mais le problème est la personne, pas le chien.

    Plutôt que de lutter contre certains types de véhicules, je pense qu’il est préférable d’éduquer et de légiférer pour un usage approprié des véhicules.

    (J’espère que la traduction automatique est bonne).

  8. cycliste alcoolique

    Hi Todd,

    The translation is:

    « I think it would be better to educate and to legislate toward a better use of the vehicles ».

    If this genuinely reflects what you think deep down, I must say that I could not disagree more. What « better use » would mean to you? A right allowing those who behave to polute – and indirectly kill and promote wars – ? I believe that most participants here are not in favor of a better usage of the vehicles but are purely against the car driven society (even though some of them may own a car). They militate/figth for/propose alternatives. I do not think that « better use of a car » rings any bell here.
    For me there is no good use of a car but as burning material.
    Car = war from the street of Bagdad to the mews of our small villages.

    I am a very social social person except when it comes to car :-).


  9. Todd Edelman

    I mean:
    * Treat private urban automobiles as heroin and carshare as methadone. « Cold turkey » (quitting with no intermediary drug) does not work most of the time.
    * An SUV for carrying 6 people in a rural situation — this is more environmental than a bus.
    * Some deliveries, emergencies, and so on.

    To be clear, I am for a city free of private automobiles, but it will take some time to achieve that. But I want serious measures (such as the right pricing and lower speed limits) to start immediately, en masse. If the companies cannot sell automobiles to city people, eventually rural areas will also have fewer automobiles…

  10. cycliste alcoolique

    Hi Todd,

    Ok then I agree more.

    You said:
    * An SUV for carrying 6 people in a rural situation — this is more environmental than a bus.

    You mean a 50 seats bus transporting 6 persons.

    I guess, I should agree except that only very few of the SUV (that I see) actually transport 6 persons. Only few of the 4WD actually go off-road (which is somehow a goOd thing). Few of the pick-up transport wood. None of the 2 To vehicles really needs to weight than much.
    Also, with a SUV , even transporting 6 persons, we are still stuck with the personal cars mindset that our politics are promoting. With the BUS
    you really do not own a car.

    In order to get carfree city we need organized activists that may ultimately have a weight on the political balance.

    We need to cure the addiction but we also need to smoke the dealers/advertisements out of our cities. We need to educate people, prove them that living without car is not reserved for poors/granos/utopists and that they will benefit from not being part of this car driven society.

    I am of course in favor of speed limit restriction. But to my feelings, this is by far not enough.
    Lowering the speed limit will just irritate a bit more some frustrated automobilists whose some of them will once in a while get away with the frustration by having a big dose of speed and/or dangerous driving behavour.

    Where are you from?


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